Bob Singha is the co-host I LOVE YOUTH WORK.


Bob Singha is a Master Youth Coach. He has worked with and for young people, parents and youth workers for over 15 years. Bob co-authored the world’s first accredited Youth Coaching courses. He co founded the Youth Coaching Academy in 2001 and was director until 2007. Before that he was part of Involve’s senior management team. He designed innovative community projects that supported young people labelled “hard to reach, excluded, disengaged, disruptive, violent, racist, criminal, vulnerable, and anti social”.  More recently as a coaching and development consultant, he has worked for the DCSF, Coram, the Metropolitan Police and has trained specialist teams who work with young people involved in, and at risk from, serious youth violence. He is a passionate speaker on and advocate for quality youth support services. In 2011 Bob was invited by the RSA to join their fellowship in recognition of his “groundbreaking work with young people and commitment to reach disadvantaged communities”. Bob is an internationally recognised authority on youth leadership, mentoring and coaching.

Bob currently serves as the CEO/ Director of Coaching for the Community Coaching Academy. The CCA, via a mix of training, coaching, mentoring and consultancy empowers communities to create, operate and realise their own sustainable coaching services. Helping communities design, develop and deliver solutions to their own challenges.

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