Richard Meets Dave (and his yellow jumper)

Sir Richard Branson gets to meet David McQueen as he accompanies a group of young entrepreneurs. Back in 2011 six Virgin Media Pioneers were invited to the Oxfordshire home of Sir Richard Branson for an intimate Q&A session and a spot of lunch. David joins Jamal Edwards, Sebastian Thiel, Jessica Anuna, Matthew Lovett, Lesley Macintosh and Shadrack Straker […] Read more »

Episode Nine (Video) – Charlotte Hill (CEO of UK Youth)   Episode Nine Who is Charlotte Hill? What is UK Youth? What is UK Youth doing in this time of change? What now after Tim Loughton? Funding and opportunities. Key lessons learnt as CEO. SERCO, NCS Partnerships with business. United Futures. Youth work qualifications for Police officers. Charlotte views of the proposed Institute of Youth Work. Important […] Read more »