Bob on YouthWorkToolBox with Tony Brown

I appeared as guest on Tony Brown’s awesome YouthWorkToolBox podcast. Check it out: YWTB 013 – The Art of Youth Coaching with Bob Singha I like the way YWT BO13 kind of spells out BOB. Bo13  — BoB. No? Just me then. Ok. Bob Read more »

Richard Meets Dave (and his yellow jumper)

Sir Richard Branson gets to meet David McQueen as he accompanies a group of young entrepreneurs. Back in 2011 six Virgin Media Pioneers were invited to the Oxfordshire home of Sir Richard Branson for an intimate Q&A session and a spot of lunch. David joins Jamal Edwards, Sebastian Thiel, Jessica Anuna, Matthew Lovett, Lesley Macintosh and Shadrack Straker […] Read more »